Welcome to C3 Harlequin Pinschers. My name is Lindsay Clark… My husband Billy Clark and I have lived in the great state of Texas all our life and we are very proud to call ourselves Texans!! We have been married for 25 years. We have one daughter who is all grown and married.  

We have always had dogs in our lives from Coonhounds to Pit bulls & English bulldogs. None of them grabbed my heart the way the miniature pinscher does. These little guys have the most exp

losive personality and biggest heart I have seen. They truly are the king of the toy breed.

I have never wanted to be a breeder. But after falling in love with this special breed, and all the hard work that has been put into bringing this breed back I wanted to be a part of it. I want to help preserve and better the breed. To help educate about them so that they might never be lost again.  

My dogs are family. They do not live in cages and will never live in cages. They sleep in our bed, they go where we go, and snack when we snack. Almost all of our dogs came from Nancy Anderson of runningridge.com  They are the foundation of C3 Harlequin Pinschers. As I stated, I have never been a breeder, this is a start of hopefully a wonderful journey and many new friendships. Janice Burns of http://hilltopharlequins.com  has been such a great lifeline starting this journey. She is so very kind and generous with her knowledge and love of the breed. There is no way I could do this without her.

Each litter is an adventure and no litter is ever the same. One thing seems to never change, with each puppy that leaves for his/her new home I will cry. I love these babies, each and every one. It is important to me to keep in contact with the families that have purchased a puppy from us. 

We use Puppy Culture with our litters. It has truly changed the way we see and do things. I encourage you to check out their website at www.puppyculture.com . This is an amazing program that I believe will enrich the lives of each of our puppies and their new owners. 

For more information about available pups please see the available puppy page. Thank you for visiting and please contact me with any questions.