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  1. David Little recommends C3 Harlequin Pinschers.
    August 3 at 10:51 PM ·
    C3 Harlequin Pinschers and Lindsay are absolutely incredible! Jim B is the Perfect pup, and I don’t say that lightly. We lost our boy min pin, Aeko, in December after 13 years. Our girl min pin, Seyo, is 14 now so it’s been a long time since we’ve had a puppy in the house. Never thought we’d love another pup as much, and are totally shocked by how intelligent, well behaved, totally house trained, doggie door trained, kennel trained, etc. etc. etc. he is. It’s unbelievable actually. He’s just over 4 months old, and you’d think we’ve been training him for years. Plus too, he’s such a good looking , healthy pup with the most unique personality ever! Lindsay kept in touch with us constantly throughout the process, and made the whole experience so memorable! We felt like we already knew Jim B by the time we brought him home:). Thank you, thank you, thank you Lindsay and C3 Harlequin Pinschers!

  2. Ripley was born on Christmas Day 2021 and is growing up so fast. Thank you for breeding such a beautiful girl and teaching her her name and all the other training you provided. We also appreciated all the goodies that arrived with her when we picked her up at the airport. She is so much fun and healthy as can be. Everyone that meets her thinks she is gorgeous, well that’s because she is haha. From the time we placed a deposit, to when we received her, it was all flawless. Thank you to you and your family for all you have done. <3

  3. I’ve love our little Harley, she keeps us on our toes right along with her brother and sister. She is a beautiful pup who attracts lots of attention when we take her out for socializing. She is perfectly healthy. We we’re also very happy about how smooth our purchase was and we are more then thankful for the help getting her and her adopted older brother home. Can’t go wrong with a pup from C3. I’m also thankful for the friendship I have built with Lindsay and Billy from C3 over the past year and a half. I will keep sending photos as she grows and throughout her life as long as I can.

  4. Indy is such a beautiful girl! I’m so happy she is with your loving family. Father’s Day is around the corner.. he can’t say no to a gift! LOL

  5. Thank you Lindsay for raising such a wonderful pup. Our Indy is such a blessing!! Thank you for also always being there if I have any questions. You’ve always been so helpful!! I will definitely reach back out when we are ready for another one. I’m ready now, but my husband isn’t lol.

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